About Us

About Us

Aeternum (pronounced with a silent A at the beginning: eˈter.num or eˈt̪ɛrnum) is Latin for / meaning Forever or Eternally. Linking to not only its clear relation to longevity but also as a company relating to never giving up in our fight to cure and / or stop aging.

We (like many others are starting to realize) see aging as a disease. One that slowly degrades our body over time, creating one of the worst ways to die. A slow death caused by gradual degradation. Can we fight it, can we stop it? Join us on our journey to find out!

Join us on our Journey!

In this quest our solutions, products and services naturally in turn give us a better quality of life. So our products and services also focus on providing optimal health and peak performance. Giving you, in turn, that edge everyone is looking for.


We have stock in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia & Japan. We also ship Worldwide! We are continually expanding so please contact us to see if your country now has local stock.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service and encourage you to contact us with any questions or issue you have or may have at any time we are here to help you.

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